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G.O. Clark:
(04/01/2010) G.O. Clark lives in Davis, California in a not so mobile home, and works in a university library. His poems and stories have appeared in Asimov's, Talebones, TOTU, and others. He has five chapbooks of poetry floating about bearing his name, the most recent being Bone Sprockets (2004) from Dark Regions Press.
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Title By Issue Page
Alien Juke Box   G.O. Clark #26 91
Falling on Deaf Ears   G.O. Clark #22 77
From Hollywood's Other Couch   G.O. Clark #30 100
Mr. Zeno's Holiday   G.O. Clark #19 35
Three Blinks of an Eye   G.O. Clark #15 63
Where Are You Now My Bug Eyed Ones   G.O. Clark #23 101

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