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TOTU Issue Number 30

Published 04/01/2010, 134 Pages     Contents Page

Title By Page
A Twenty-First Century Fairy Love Story   (Sample) Jason Sanford 8
The Egyptian Cat   Catherine Lundoff 32
Diminuendo   Cornelius Fortune 102
Right There   (Sample) William Mingin 122
Short Story
Title By Page
What Goes Around   Stephen Dedman 20
Personal Jesus   (Sample) Martha A. Hood 24
Beginner's Luck   (Sample) Patricia S. Bowne 42
Tacklesmooches   (Sample) Douglas J Lane 52
Ashes, Ashes   Matthew S. Rotundo 58
Peeper, Hunting   Barbara Rosen 70
Guess Who's Coming to Gotterdammerung   Terry Faust 74
The Danger of Her Muse   (Sample) T. J. Berg 80
Myths and Messerschmitts   Kurt Kirchmeier 90
Sticky   (Sample) Patricia Russo 94
Patrick and Mr. Bear: A True Story   Eleanor Arnason 118
If You Enjoyed This Story...   (Sample) Sarah Totton 120
Title By Page
To Bellini (1400? - 1470)   F.J. Bergmann 7
Phantom Starchild   Ann K. Schwader 18
Closed Shelves   Ruth Berman 31
Harping Types   P M F Johnson 57
Sun "Borrows" Highflyer's Comb   Ellen Kuhfeld
Ann Peters
Before the Tempest   Ann K. Schwader 79
Rusalka   Alexis Vergalla 88
From Hollywood's Other Couch   G.O. Clark 100
tracing   KC Wilder 101
Goddess of Death   Zoë Gabriel 115
Miraculous Bears   Sandra Kasturi 119
The Dunes of Titan   Ann K. Schwader 134
Title By Page
The Year We Make Contact   Eric M. Heideman 2
Farewell and Hello   Rebecca Marjesdatter 2
Title By Page
  Rodger Gerberding Cover
Title By Page
TOTU the Cow   Erin McKee 6
For "A Twenty-First Century Fairy Love Story"   Margaret Ballif Simon 9
For "What Goes Around"   Jules Hart 21
For "Personal Jesus"   Rodger Gerberding 25
For "The Egyptian Cat"   Margaret Ballif Simon 33
For "Beginner's Luck"   Georgie Schnobrich 43
For "Beginner's Luck"   Georgie Schnobrich 49
For "Tacklesmooches"   Jules Hart 53
For "Ashes, Ashes"   Rodger Gerberding 59
For "Peeper, Hunting"   Barbara Rosen 71
For "Guess Who's Coming to Gotterdammerung"   Margaret Ballif Simon 77
For "The Danger of Her Muse"   Margaret Ballif Simon 81
For "Myths and Messerschmitts"   Rodger Gerberding 91
For "Sticky"   Margaret Ballif Simon 95
For "Diminuendo"   Jules Hart 103
For "Diminuendo"   Jules Hart 107
For "Diminuendo"   Jules Hart 111
For "Patrick and Mr. Bear: A True Story"   Margaret Ballif Simon 118
For "If You Enjoyed This Story..."   Rodger Gerberding 121
For "Right There"   Jules Hart 122-132
Eric M. Heideman Editor-in-Chief
Greg L Johnson Associate Editor
P M F Johnson Associate Editor
Rebecca Marjesdatter Associate Editor
Sandra Rector Associate Editor
Rebecca Marjesdatter Poetry Editor
Rodger Gerberding Art Editor
Mark Willcox Typesetting and Design
Rebecca Marjesdatter Design Consultant
Tales of the Unanticipated - Issue #30

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