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TOTU Issue Number 15

Reality Issue

Published 08/14/1995, 64 Pages    

Short Story
Title By Page
Learning to Breathe   Maureen F. McHugh 9
Oz Never Did Give Nothing to the Tin Man   Connie Hirsch 14
Somewhere in Clean Andromeda   Charlee Jacob 22
Flesh Trades   Mark W. Tiedemann 36
They, We, I, You, It   Martha A. Hood 42
Violet Twilight   Charles M. Saplak 48
In Darkness   Amy Hembree 50
Dog Days   Dawn Albright 54
Faux   R. Neube 58
Title By Page
An Interview with Karen Joy Fowler   Eric M. Heideman 26
Title By Page
Old Soldiers (in the Download Ward)   Ann K. Schwader 13
Animated Objects   Linda D. Addison 21
Apostrophe to Nessie   T.W. Kriner 25
Cave Art   John Benson
Tina Reigel
Lover in My Walls   Tippi N. Blevins 41
The Boy in Me   John Grey 46
Funding the BTV   Uncle River 63
Three Blinks of an Eye   G.O. Clark 63
Doctor Mather's Dyschronic Ward   Mary A. Turzillo 64
Title By Page
Mathoms   Eric M. Heideman 2
Title By Page
What is Reality   Eric M. Heideman 2
"Quick, does anyone have the number for Compulsive Poetry Buyers Anonymous?"   Laurel Winter 3
The Persistence of Memory   Rodger Gerberding 3
Back Cover
Title By Page
  Howard Wandrei Back Cover
Title By Page
  Suzanne Clarke
Rodger Gerberding
Title By Page
For "Learning to Breathe"   Rodger Gerberding 11
For "Oz Never Did Give Nothing to the Tin Man"   Friederich Haas 15
For "Somewhere in Clean Andromeda"   Rodger Gerberding 23
For "Apostrophe to Nessie"   Augie Wiedemann 25
For "Cave Art"   Augie Wiedemann 34
For "Flesh Trades"   Larry Dickison 37
For "They, We, I, You, It"   Rodger Gerberding 43
For "Violet Twilight"   Helen Schoenfeld 49
For "In Darkness"   Helen Schoenfeld 51
For "Dog Days"   Margaret Ballif Simon 55
For "Faux"   Margaret Ballif Simon 58
Title By Page
For "An Interview with Karen Joy Fowler"   Barbara Huntingdon 27
Spot Illo
Title By Page
Godzilla   Eric M. Heideman 6
Eric M. Heideman Editor-in-Chief
Andy Loges Senior Associate Editor
Amanda Elg Associate Editor
Greg L Johnson Associate Editor
Laurel Winter Poetry Editor
Rodger Gerberding Art Editor
D.H. Olson Associate Art Editor
Carolyn Ives Gilman Editorial Assistant
Ruth Berman Production Assistant
Clark Stone Typesetting and Design
Tales of the Unanticipated - Issue #15

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