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TOTU Issue Number 23

Published 04/01/2002, 130 Pages    

Short Story
Title By Page
Wants Master   A.B. Ming 8
Footnote to a Holy War   Judy Klass 18
Hunter   P M F Johnson
Sandra Rector
The Tree on Lethe's Bank   Mark W. Tiedemann 32
The Invisible Hand Rolls the Dice   Carolyn Ives Gilman 42
2Heads   Martha A. Hood 50
The Lost Mother: A Story Told by the Divers   Eleanor Arnason 58
Faux Ever in Love   R. Neube 62
Six Gun and the Aliens   Laurel Winter 70
Mrs. Malley's Home for Recidivists   David J. Hoffman-Dachelet 78
Flygirl   Patricia Russo 86
Greaves, This is Serious   William Mingin 94
The Orange Table in the Corner   Joyce Frohn 98
Predestiny   Christopher East 102
The Grand Cheat   Hilary Moon Murphy 111
For Aging Kids Who Dream of Star Treks   Jason Sanford 119
Title By Page
A Million Layers Removed   Mike Allen 17
Alien Address at the UN   David Livingstone Clink 22
Small Poem   Richard Chwedyk 30
By Invitation Only   Cathy Tacinelli 57
Petting the Time Shark   Mike Allen 61
Planet Clones: Mars   Ruth Berman 69
Full Spectrum   Jae Leslie Adams 85
Dia del los Muertos   Rebecca Marjesdatter 93
Where Are You Now My Bug Eyed Ones   G.O. Clark 101
A Few Kind Words for A.E van Vogt   Richard Chwedyk 116
In October, I Wonder Why I Even Bother to Take Prisoners   John Grey 118
The Wood Women   Rebecca Marjesdatter 118
[Do Not] Enter   Linda Bosson 130
Title By Page
Mathoms   Eric M. Heideman 2
Title By Page
Dude - You finished with that poem yet?   Laurel Winter 2
Rebecca's Editorial   Rebecca Marjesdatter 3
Title By Page
In Self Regard   Rodger Gerberding Cover
Title By Page
For "Wants Master"   Suzanne Clarke 9
For "Faux Ever in Love"   Margaret Ballif Simon 19
For "Hunter"   Kent Hansen 25
For "The Tree on Lethe's Bank"   Margaret Ballif Simon 33
For "The Invisible Hand Rolls the Dice"   Margaret Ballif Simon 43
For "2Heads"   Margaret Ballif Simon 51
For "The Lost Mother: A Story Told by the Divers"   Rodger Gerberding 59
For "Petting the Time Shark"   A. Lexa Elg 61
For "Faux Ever in Love"   Suzanne Clarke 63
For "Six Gun and the Aliens"   Kent Hansen 71
For "Mrs. Malley's Home for Recidivists"   Margaret Ballif Simon 79
For "Flygirl"   Rodger Gerberding 87
For "Greaves, This is Serious"   Kent Hansen 95
For "The Orange Table in the Corner"   Kent Hansen 99
For "Predestiny"   Rodger Gerberding 103
For "The Grand Cheat"   Margaret Ballif Simon 113
For "The Wood Women"   A. Lexa Elg 118
For "Footnote to a Holy War"   Margaret Ballif Simon 121
Eric M. Heideman Editor-in-Chief
Andy Loges Senior Associate Editor
Amanda Elg Associate Editor
Greg L Johnson Associate Editor
P M F Johnson Associate Editor
Sandra Rector Associate Editor
Mark Willcox Associate Editor
Rebecca Marjesdatter Poetry Editor
Laurel Winter Poetry Editor
Rodger Gerberding Art Editor
Clark Stone Typesetting and Design
LI Pieper Design Consultant
Tales of the Unanticipated - Issue #23

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