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Phillip C. Jennings:
(04/01/1990) Phillip C. Jennings lives in a nice house among oaks and bluejays by the Mississippi in eastern Steams County, a medieval German episcopate where people breed like mad, a boon to obstetrician - gynecologists like his wife. He writes stories about the mind / body problem, mildly inept clergy, fabulously fat women, sapient computers, academic fools, alternate reality, the seventeenth century, vampires, aliens, the upper midwest, the interior economies of huge buildings, and assorted lesser gods and goddesses, especially those with glandular problems. To quote Michael Swanwick: "He is driven by demons the rest of us cannot see, much less understand." This surprises Phil, who thought he'd offered something for everyone. If he's missed you too, tell him your obsession and he'll be glad to incorporate it: broken glass, hospitals, wolverines, bag ladies or what have you. The only things his fictional protagonists refuse to do are have car chases, hunt deer, or vote Republican. Look for new Jennings stories in coming issues of Aboriginal and Asimov's.
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Baropump Blues   Phillip C. Jennings #7 48
Saint Attalus and the Dragon   Phillip C. Jennings #5 18
Veronica's Find   Phillip C. Jennings #3 38
A Visit from Limbo   Phillip C. Jennings #4 22

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