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TOTU Issue Number 3

Published 12/30/1987, 56 Pages    

Short Story
Title By Page
The Lifter   Nathan A. Bucklin 14
Utter Oog, The Caveman   Bruce Bethke 19
Krickett, Anyone?   David J. Kurtz 22
The Travails of Isaac A.   Scott E. Green 23
Among the Featherless Bipeds   Eleanor Arnason 34
Veronica's Find   Phillip C. Jennings 38
Getting Miss Grisley   Janet Fox 42
Alice Faye   Colleen Drippè 46
Mail-Order Eyes   Laurel Winter 50
Roadkill   Kij Johnson 52
Treefall   Peg Kerr 54
Title By Page
Writing With Percission: Bacon Rind Brake Linings: Nontraditional Computer Use for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers, Part 2   Dan Goodman 7
SF Writing Groups: The Minnesota Scene   Ruth Berman
Bruce Bethke
Eric M. Heideman
Robert F. Ihinger, Jr.
Don Samsal
Will Shetterly
Title By Page
An Interview with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro   Terry A. Garey
Eric M. Heideman
Title By Page
The Human Blues   Bruce Boston 18
Four Solipsist Poems   John Calvin Rezmerski 32
Combers   Camilla DeCarnin 41
Deeper Into the Voyage   Mark Rich 45
Frosty Leo Nebula Blues   55
Time Gum   Thomas G. Digby Back Cover
Title By Page
And Three's the Charm   Eric M. Heideman 2
Can You Say Death Poem?   Terry A. Garey 3
Back Cover
Title By Page
For "Time Gum"   Terry A. Garey Back Cover
Title By Page
  Kevin D. Duncan
Albert J. Manachino
  Kevin D. Duncan
Albert J. Manachino
Title By Page
  Erin McKee Cover
Title By Page
For "Writing With Percission: Bacon Rind Brake Linings: Nontraditional Computer Use for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers, Part 2"   Bob Poate 7
For "The Lifter"   Margaret Ballif Simon 15
For "Utter Oog, The Caveman"   Ken Fletcher 20
For "Krickett, Anyone?"   Margaret Ballif Simon 22
For "An Interview with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro"   Terry A. Garey 27
For "Four Solipsist Poems"   Randy Moore 33
For "Among the Featherless Bipeds"   Erin McKee 34
For "Veronica's Find"   Margaret Ballif Simon 39
For "Getting Miss Grisley"   Margaret Ballif Simon 43
For "Alice Faye"   Kara Dalkey 46
For "Mail-Order Eyes"   Randy Moore 51
Spot Illo
Title By Page
TOTU the Cow   Erin McKee 6
Eric M. Heideman Editor-in-Chief
Terry A. Garey Associate Editor
Kij Johnson Associate Editor
Terry A. Garey Poetry Editor
Dan Goodman Contributing Editor
John Calvin Rezmerski Contributing Editor
Eleanor Arnason Editorial Assistant
Carolyn Ives Gilman Editorial Assistant
Peg Kerr Editorial Assistant
Andy Loges Editorial Assistant
Erik Biever Production Assistant
Mike Dorn Production Assistant
Bruce Kvam Production Assistant
Walt "Winterfog" Pattinson Production Assistant
Tom Winterstein Production Assistant
Tales of the Unanticipated - Issue #3

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