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Paul E. Martens:
(07/16/2007) While Paul E. Martens' progression through middle-age into senescence is fairly obvious, his descent into dementia will be not be as easily discerned, given the state of his mind throughout his life. He is prevented from inflicting harm on himself and others by Patti, the beautiful woman who has been his wife for over 30 years (which does not speak well of her own sanity), and Nick, their son, a handsome and brilliant man of distinction. Paul has, however, eluded their wardenship by writing fiction, loosing upon an unsuspecting world stories in Low Port, I, Alien, Writers of the Future XVI, 3SF, Indy Men's Magazine, On Spec, Lenox Avenue, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and other print and online magazines and anthologies. He lives in California.
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Lack of Vision   Paul E. Martens #28 56
Piper   (Sample) Paul E. Martens #26 110

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