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TOTU Issue Number 28

Heroes Issue

Published 07/16/2007, 130 Pages     Contents Page

Short Story
Title By Page
Johnny Quantum And The Supergalactical Hellfire Jamboree   (Sample) Terry Black 8
Escape   (Sample) Barbara Rosen 20
The Pinocchio Cantatas   Tony Pi 30
The Price of Peace   (Sample) Uncle River 40
Deputy Death   S.N.Arly 48
Lack of Vision   Paul E. Martens 56
The Honest Truth About Beta Males   Martha A. Hood 64
Bubby's Favorite Demon   (Sample) Fred Schepartz 72
One Tongue Tiger   (Sample) Ka Vang 82
King Under the Bed   Jeff Kouba 88
In Comes I   Patricia Russo 96
Coup de Grace   Stephen Dedman 100
Tessa's Tale   Joyce Finn 106
Rosemary and Time   (Sample) Judy Klass 109
Which Leads to What Comes Next   William Mingin 114
A Piece of Strangeness   (Sample) Mary Soon Lee 117
The Show   A. Christopher Drown 122
Title By Page
Orpheus Gives Directions to the Orphics   Ruth Berman 7
Revenants of the Time Machine   Ann K. Schwader 29
Gerhard and Lili   David Simms 38
Street Dancer   Cornelius Fortune 63
Emily Dickinson, as far as we know   Laurel Winter 71
The Waitress at the Utah Café   David Simms 80
Breaking the Secrets Open   Ann K. Schwader 87
The Passing Of The Copper King   Mikal Trimm 95
Where Time Loops on the Event Horizon of the End of Everything   Laurel Winter 112
Hypotheosis   John Calvin Rezmerski 112
Kabbalah   John Garrison 113
Outlawing Big Cars   Ruth Berman 116
Heresies of Thread, Flint and Stone   Bryan Thao Worra 120
Title By Page
Mathoms   Eric M. Heideman 2
Title By Page
What's Wrong with Heroes?   Rebecca Marjesdatter 2
Title By Page
from the Crazy Horse Series   Rodger Gerberding Cover
Title By Page
For "Johnny Quantum And The Supergalactical Hellfire Jamboree"   Kendall Anderson 9
For "Escape"   Margaret Ballif Simon 21
For "The Pinocchio Cantatas"   Margaret Ballif Simon 31
For "The Price of Peace"   Margaret Ballif Simon 41
For "The Price of Peace"   Kendall Anderson 44
For "Deputy Death"   Rodger Gerberding 49
For "Lack of Vision"   Rodger Gerberding 57
For "The Honest Truth About Beta Males"   Rodger Gerberding 65
For "Bubby's Favorite Demon"   Margaret Ballif Simon 73
For "One Tongue Tiger"   Margaret Ballif Simon 83
For "King Under the Bed"   Kendall Anderson 89
For "In Comes I"   Rodger Gerberding 97
For "Coup de Grace"   Margaret Ballif Simon 101
For "Tessa's Tale"   Kendall Anderson 107
For "Rosemary and Time"   Margaret Ballif Simon 110
For "Which Leads to What Comes Next"   Rodger Gerberding 115
For "A Piece of Strangeness"   Kendall Anderson 118
For "The Show"   Kendall Anderson 123
Eric M. Heideman Editor-in-Chief
Amanda Elg Associate Editor
Paula L. Fleming Associate Editor
Greg L Johnson Associate Editor
Rebecca Marjesdatter Associate Editor
Mark Willcox Associate Editor
Rebecca Marjesdatter Poetry Editor
Rodger Gerberding Art Editor
Mark Willcox Typesetting and Design
Amanda Elg Design Consultant
Tales of the Unanticipated - Issue #28

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