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Cindy Rako:
(08/07/1999) Cindy Rako is a Brooklyn Park, Minnesota artist whose illustrations have appeared in several small-press markets including Thin Ice, The Silver Web, the chapbook Cosmic Landscapes (D&S Associates), and TOTU #s 8-14 and 16-18.
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Title By Issue Page
For "I [heart] My [dog]"   Cindy Rako #8 41
For "Waif"   Cindy Rako #10 13
For "Joe Brundlee"   Cindy Rako #10 33
For "The Real Moon"   Cindy Rako #10 34
For "A Disturbance in the Universe"   Cindy Rako #10 43
For "Dreamer"   Cindy Rako #11 13
For "Maintenance"   Cindy Rako #12 13
For "Dirt"   Cindy Rako #12 23
For "Salting the Sky"   Cindy Rako #13 43
For "Happily Ever After"   Cindy Rako #14 53
For "Forced Entry"   Cindy Rako #16 59
For "Laufte and the Ice Crown"   Cindy Rako #17 9
For "Letters from You"   Cindy Rako #17 21
For "Diamonds and Snow"   Cindy Rako #18 11
For "Ovid Eo"   Cindy Rako #18 49
For "Origin Story"   Cindy Rako #21 65
For "Lighthouse Moths"   Cindy Rako #21 109
For "Dancing on the Edge"   Cindy Rako #9 25

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