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TOTU Issue Number 8

Published 10/07/1990, 56 Pages    

Short Story
Title By Page
The Willow   Susan Noe Rothman 12
My Roommate Chuck   Dana Cunningham 20
Fun Flesh   Martha A. Hood 27
I [heart] My [dog]   Kij Johnson 40
The Boris Killoff   John Hegenberger 44
SecondHand   Robert J. Howe 47
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith   Jamil Nasir 50
Analog Anniversary   Peg Kerr 53
Biodegradable   Laurel Winter 55
Title By Page
SF Writing Groups: By Mail   Deirdre M. Rittenhouse 10
Title By Page
An Interview with Kim Stanely Robinson   Eric M. Heideman
Peg Kerr
Title By Page
The Little Mermaid   Carl Buchanan 9
The Cave of the Dead   Elliot Richman 19
Alien Roads   Susan Noe Rothman 31
Limits   Mark Rich 39
Wax on Sterling   Wendy Rathbone 42
Another Place   Margaret Ballif Simon 46
Title By Page
Sans Friction Corner   John Sladek 7
Title By Page
Editorial Whim   Terry A. Garey 2
Progress Report   Eric M. Heideman 2
Title By Page
  André Guirard 56
Title By Page
  James Jamison Cover
Title By Page
For "Sans Friction Corner"   Rodger Gerberding 7
For "The Willow"   Suzanne Clarke 13
For "My Roommate Chuck"   Peggy Ranson 21
For "Fun Flesh"   Ruth Berman 29
For "An Interview with Kim Stanely Robinson"   Randy Moore 38
For "Limits"   Michael Waltz 39
For "I [heart] My [dog]"   Cindy Rako 41
For "The Boris Killoff"   John Borkowski 45
For "SecondHand"   Margaret Ballif Simon 49
For "Mr. and Mrs. David Smith"   Michael Waltz 51
For "Analog Anniversary"   John Borkowski 53
For "Biodegradable"   Margaret Ballif Simon 55
Title By Page
For "An Interview with Kim Stanely Robinson"   Charles R. ILL 33
Spot Illo
Title By Page
TOTU the Cow   Erin McKee 3
For "I [heart] My [dog]"   Kij Johnson 40
Eric M. Heideman Editor-in-Chief
Terry A. Garey Associate Editor
Peg Kerr Associate Editor
Andy Loges Associate Editor
Terry A. Garey Poetry Editor
Rodger Gerberding Art Editor
Margo Bratton Editorial Assistant
André Guirard Editorial Assistant
Mark Willcox Editorial Assistant
Karen Willcox Editorial Assistant
Ruth Berman Production Assistant
Erik Biever Production Assistant
Ctein Production Assistant
Camilla DeCarnin Production Assistant
Denny Lien Production Assistant
K. Cassandra O'Malley Production Assistant
Walt "Winterfog" Pattinson Production Assistant
Clark Stone Production Assistant
Tom Winterstein Production Assistant
Tales of the Unanticipated - Issue #8

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