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Short Story
Title Utter Oog, The Caveman
  Where Do You Get Your Ideas Dept. - Bruce Bethke writes: "A year or so back I was reading a George Scithers editorial in Amazing; one in which he talked about bad stories. Seems that among his group the slang term for a bad story is an oog, and a really bad story - one involving, say, convenient new laws of physics, promiscuous time travel, primitives who speak in single syllables, and an alien named fFxsp!tgk - is properly termed an utter oog. About the same time, I watched the first fifteen minutes of a truly dreadful horror film. Michael Dunn (the dwarf who played Dr. Loveless on The Wild Wild West) was the - pardon the expression - big star of the film, which gives you some idea of what it was like. I don't remember the name of the film, but I do remember that the final opening credit was, `And introducing BORIS LUGOSI as OOG, THE CAVEMAN.' Somehow those two ideas merged. I'm only sorry that I couldn't find a way to work fFxsp!tgk into the story. "
By Bruce Bethke
Art By Ken Fletcher
Issue #3
Page 19
Date 12/30/1987

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