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Rebecca Elizabeth:
(04/01/1994) Rebecca Elizabeth writes, "I was born January 20, 1968, and have lived most of my life physically in suburbs of St. Paul, mentally in a universe of my own. I studied creative writing with Jonis Agee at the College of St. Catherine, from which I graduated Phi Beta Kappa. TOTU is my second sale, and I am co-editor of a soon-to-be-released women's literary magazine, AntiDog. Although I originally set out to produce the definitive cyberpunk novel, I ended up in poetry - it's a whole lot shorter. I can be found at any Twin Cities SF convention with the U.S.S. Behr'Ak, the only Trill in the galaxy with a crewcut and pierced nose. Mundanely, I work in a library, and spend any time I can spare from my literary addiction in... no, wait, I guess I spend virtually all my time feeding my book habit. Events in my writing may be fictional, but the attitude is genuine."
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Metis in the Alimentary Canal   Rebecca Elizabeth #13 11

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