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Peter Francis:
(12/27/1994) Peter Francis lives in Nova Scotia. His illustrations have appeared in Tomorrow, Tekeli-li!, The Scream Factory, Writers of the Future (WOTF), Volume VIII, and TOTU #13. He currently works as both a designer and illustrator, "primarily in pen and ink, using color when it suits the mood." His influences include illustrators Berni Wrightson and Virgil Finlay, horror and supernatural fiction, "a constant stream of music ranging from in the nursery to Nine Inch Nails," and Pumping Iron.

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For "Commercials for a Twilight World"   Peter Francis #13 Back Cover
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For "Un Scandale de Chats"   Peter Francis #13 13
For "Soul Circuits"   Peter Francis #13 35
For "tombstones"   Peter Francis #13 35
For "The Young Warrior, by Julio"   Peter Francis #14 35

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