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Short Story
Title Elegy for a Demon Lover
  Sarah Monette writes, "Aside from 'The Green Glass Paperweight' (TOTU #25) and 'Elegy to a Demon Lover,' Kyle Murchison Booth appears in 'Bringing Helena Back' (All Hallows #35), 'The Wall of Clouds' (Alchemy #1), and in the forthcoming stories 'The Venebretti Necklace' (Alchemy #2), 'Drowning Palmer' (All Hallows don't know which issue yet), 'The Inheritance of Barnabas Wilcox (Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries #7), and 'Wait for Me' (Naked Snake Online, scheduled for November). (And two other stories that haven't found homes yet.) Wow, that's really impressive when I get it all in one sentence."
By Sara Monette
Art By Rodger Gerberding
Issue #26
Page 72
Date 10/20/2005

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