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TOTU Issue Number 24

Published 07/02/2003, 128 Pages    

Short Story
Title By Page
Negative Event at Wardel Station, Planet Arriga   L. Timmel Duchamp 8
Big Black Mama and Tentacle Man   Eleanor Arnason 16
Emily Watches Emily   Judy Klass 20
Unite and Conquer   Richard Bowes 24
Midnight's Fire   P M F Johnson
Sandra Rector
I've Got a Little List   Stephen Dedman 46
Miracle Green Adobe   Uncle River 48
Mirror, Mirror   (Sample) Laurel Winter 58
On Grandmother's Farm   (Sample) Cezarija Abartis 66
Product Placement...   Martha A. Hood 74
It's Not What You Think   William Mingin 80
Nowhere Far Enough   Patricia Russo 82
Shrimp Kabobs and Screaming Sleep   (Sample) Toiya Kristen Finley 88
Virgin Grass   David J. Hoffman-Dachelet 94
Eight Dead Shrimp   (Sample) Gerard Houarner 98
The Night and The Day and The Night...   Charles M. Saplak 106
Seven Names for Tabitha   Paula L. Fleming 112
The Schools of Old Men   Mark Rich 120
Title By Page
Psychic Tattoo   Martha A. Hood 15
My Father, Legendary Space-Man   John Grey 19
Song from the Kalevala   Eleanor Arnason 23
The Feed Bag   Ellen Klages 56
Just Distance   Roger Dutcher 64
Seven Setting of Sappho   John Calvin Rezmerski 65
Colline's Coat   Eleanor Arnason 79
Planet Clones: Wet Venus   Ruth Berman 93
Cracked Fortune   Laurel Winter 97
Clarification   Timons Esaias 111
A Terro-Martian Manifesto   John Calvin Rezmerski 117
an eccentric orbit   Laurel Winter 118
On Seeing Bellini's Opera The Capulets and Montagues...   Eleanor Arnason 127
Rocket Mix   Ann K. Schwader 128
Title By Page
Volume Two   Eric M. Heideman 2
Breaking Ground   Rebecca Marjesdatter 3
Title By Page
Little Theatre   Suzanne Clarke
Rodger Gerberding
Title By Page
For "Negative Event at Wardel Station, Planet Arriga"   Kent Hansen 9
For "Big Black Mama and Tentacle Man"   Margaret Ballif Simon 17
For "Emily Watches Emily"   Suzanne Clarke
Rodger Gerberding
For "Unite and Conquer"   Kent Hansen 25
For "Midnight's Fire"   Kent Hansen 39
  Margaret Ballif Simon 47
For "Miracle Green Adobe"   Kent Hansen 49
For "Mirror, Mirror"   Suzanne Clarke
Rodger Gerberding
For "Seven Setting of Sappho"   A. Lexa Elg 65
For "On Grandmother's Farm"   Margaret Ballif Simon 67
For "Product Placement..."   Suzanne Clarke
Rodger Gerberding
For "It's Not What You Think"   Suzanne Clarke
Rodger Gerberding
For "Nowhere Far Enough"   Suzanne Clarke
Rodger Gerberding
For "Shrimp Kabobs and Screaming Sleep"   Margaret Ballif Simon 89
For "Virgin Grass"   Kent Hansen 95
For "Eight Dead Shrimp"   Kent Hansen 99
For "The Night and The Day and The Night..."   Margaret Ballif Simon 107
For "Seven Names for Tabitha"   Margaret Ballif Simon 113
For "The Schools of Old Men"   Suzanne Clarke
Rodger Gerberding
Spot Illo
Title By Page
TOTU the Cow   Erin McKee 45
Eric M. Heideman Editor-in-Chief
Andy Loges Senior Associate Editor
Amanda Elg Associate Editor
Greg L Johnson Associate Editor
P M F Johnson Associate Editor
Sandra Rector Associate Editor
Mark Willcox Associate Editor
Rebecca Marjesdatter Poetry Editor
Rodger Gerberding Art Editor
Clark Stone Typesetting and Design
LI Pieper Design Consultant
Tales of the Unanticipated - Issue #24

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