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Laurel Winter:
(07/16/2007) Laurel Winter, after 47 ½ years in states that border Canada, has relocated to the South. (The north and west of the South, though!) She happily resides in Asheville, North Carolina, where she spends a lot of time meditating in coffee shops and writing poetry and stories and novels and metaphysical somesuch & (eep!) screenplays. Check out her blog at unless (& she truly hopes this is the case!) you have better things to do. (Oooh! "egg horror poem" was recently reprinted in a 9th-grade literature textbook.)
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Biodegradable   Laurel Winter #8 55
Flo & Eb   (Sample) Laurel Winter #27 68
Hair Group for Everyone   Laurel Winter #26 130
Limited Aggression   Laurel Winter #5 Back Cover
Mail-Order Eyes   Laurel Winter #3 50
Mirror, Mirror   (Sample) Laurel Winter #24 58
Six Gun and the Aliens   Laurel Winter #23 70
Vacation   Laurel Winter #13 54
Title By Issue Page
The Couch Potato Muses   Laurel Winter #5 56
Cracked Fortune   Laurel Winter #24 97
Details   Laurel Winter #16 45
an eccentric orbit   Laurel Winter #24 118
Emily Dickinson, as far as we know   Laurel Winter #28 71
The Grandmother Paradox   Laurel Winter #12 56
Love as an unstable isotope and other theories   Laurel Winter #27 20
The Memory of Vermouth   Laurel Winter #27 80
A Rose for Emily, Revisited   Laurel Winter #26 34
Star Sisters and the One Who Stayed on Earth   Laurel Winter #9 35
Time Upon a Once   Laurel Winter #7 37
Where Time Loops on the Event Horizon of the End of Everything   Laurel Winter #28 112
Title By Issue Page
"And here's the seventeeth poem in my hotdish cycle..."   Laurel Winter #17 2
Combing Strange Beaches   Laurel Winter #11 3
Dude - You finished with that poem yet?   Laurel Winter #23 2
ed, read it or else   Laurel Winter #16 2
The Evolution of a Poetry Editor   Laurel Winter #9 3
Filling the Pool   Laurel Winter #19 3
The (In)Complete Statistician   Laurel Winter #12 3
Leaving for Las Vegas   Laurel Winter #22 3
Ye Nuts and Ye Bolts   Laurel Winter #18 3
Plugging Along on Poetry Standard Time   Laurel Winter #13 2
"Quick, does anyone have the number for Compulsive Poetry Buyers Anonymous?"   Laurel Winter #15 3
The Rookie's Challenge   Laurel Winter #21 3
Stand Up Poetry: The Poet as a Young Comic   Laurel Winter #14 2
Twinning   Laurel Winter #20 3
Woman Ages 47 Years Overnight - Starts Seing UFOs   Laurel Winter #10 3
Title By Issue Page
For "Earthquake Headache"   Laurel Winter #18 47
For "Flying"   Laurel Winter #18 60
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Poetry Editor #10
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Poetry Editor #12
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