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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro:
(12/30/1987) Chelsea Quinn Yarbro was born September 15, 1942, in Berkeley, Calfornia, and attended San Francisco State College. She has worked as a children's theater manager and playwright, a children's counselor, and a cartographer. She is also a classical composer and musician, and a tarot card and palm reader. Yarbro has served as Secretary of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA). Active in SF fandom beginning in the 1960s, she was one of the first SF convention Programming Chairs to introduce multi-track programming; and has been the Chair of the San Francisco Bay area Elves, Gnomes, and Little Men's Science Fiction, Marching, and Chowder Society. She lives in Berkeley. Yarbro's first short story was published in 1969; since which time she has published over 25 books. Her fiction displays an extraordinary range of tone, language, and setting. Although she is best known as a horror and science fiction writer, her stories spill over into almost every category of popular fiction. She is a fine stylist and student of character, with a feel for history. Her vision of human society, past, present, and future, is generally both sad and grim, but these qualities are balanced by her abiding belief in the potential for decency in ordinary human beings. Her small band of heroes struggle against overwhelming odds, and they are often killed, but not corrupted. They affirm friendship in the face of treachery, honor amidst corruption, courage and love against despair.
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