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Bruce Bethke:
(04/01/1990) Bruce Bethke is a full-time professional writer with more than 150 nonfiction and fiction publishing credits. His stories have appeared in Aboriginal Science Fiction, Alfred Hitchock's Mystery Magazine, Amazing Stories, Easyriders, Espionage, Hardware, Science Fiction Review, TOTU, and Weird Tales, among other places, and have been anthologized frequently. His first novel, Maverick (Isaac Asimov's Robots and AliensT M #5) is due out in August 1990. His second and third novels, as yet untitled, are being published by Baen Books, and he is under contract to develop a shared-world series based on Keith Laumer's Bolo for Baen. Outside of science fiction, Bethke's life is remarkably unremarkable. Married, with three daughters, a house, a dog, and a station wagon, he is at present looking for a good aversion therapy program for his oldest daughter, who has lately begun to show the warning signs of Star Trekophilia.
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The Last Cyberpunk Story   Bruce Bethke #5 25
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Worms!   Bruce Bethke #4 40
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