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Ann Peters:
(04/01/2010) Twin Cities writer Ann Peters writes, "I'm 53, and I've been writing for the last 35 years. I grew up with my sister, and we'd make up stories by the hour, telling them scene by scene and going into deeper description. We called it 'playing' and we did it up past junior high age. One big blessing was that the town library was right by our home, and the librarian was Mom's best friend. In my junior high years I got a part time job there. It paid seven bucks a week—which I could KEEP! I sold my first poem in 1980, to Sing, Heavenly Muse, a woman's magazine. I got $25 and four copies of the magazine. And now I've sold HERE! Wow! The god-tales of Pajent grew from a science fiction story. When I was telling one tale to Ellen Kuhfeld as an aside, she said the background tale was better than the main story. She was right, so I concentrated on the god-tales. So far I have eight on the computer, and five more (plus the main story) in semi-legible longhand in three different journals. I'm also doing a Panjentese herbal, with illustrations."
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