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Ellen Kuhfeld:
(04/01/2010) Ellen Kuhfeld lives in the Twin Cities. She writes, "In first grade I was reading Doctor Doolittle, Mary Poppins, and John W. Campbell. (They were all on the same library shelf. I've wondered for 60 years if the librarian did that on purpose.) As I grew, SF was the genre that stuck, though I read mysteries also. I began writing in high school, published fanzines in college, and was an editorial cartoonist in graduate school. I graduated with a doctorate in nuclear physics, then promptly ran away and joined the museum world. Somewhere in there I sold a batch of short stories to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. When I retired in 2005, I started a fanfic novel which ended up at about 95,000 words. Now I'm working on an alternate universe with an Anglo-French empire up on the Mississippi, and Norsemen on the Iron Range. (The Finns are in Canada, and the Skraeling Kingdoms are to the west and south.) My short stories of werewolves (one of which appeared in TOTU #27) have been shifting over to the werebear point of view."
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