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Eleanor Arnason:
(11/06/2008) Eleanor Arnason lives in the Twin Cities. She is the author of five novels, including Daughter of the Bear King (1987); A Woman of the Iron People (1990), winner of the Tiptree and Mythopoeic Awards; and Ring of Swords (1993), winner of the Minnesota Book Award; as well as fiction, poetry, and essays in such markets as Asimov's Science Fiction; The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF); Orbit; Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years (Pamela Sargent, ed.), and Monad (Damon Knight, ed.). #30 is the 15th issue of TOTU in which her work appears. She writes, "I should have a chapbook coming out from PM Press, featuring 'Mammoths of the Great Plains,' which is currently my favorite Eleanor Arnason story, plus an essay and an interview. Also, Aqueduct Press plans to bring out Tombs of the Fathers, a short novel set in the Lydia Duluth universe. Other than that, I am finishing a bunch of short stories and sending them to my agent. We will see if they sell."
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Among the Featherless Bipeds   Eleanor Arnason #3 34
Big Black Mama and Tentacle Man   Eleanor Arnason #24 16
A Brief History of the Order of St. Cyprian the Athlete   Eleanor Arnason #10 20
The Diner   (Sample) Eleanor Arnason #29 42
Glam's Story   Eleanor Arnason #2 8
The Glutton: A Goxhat Accounting Chant   Eleanor Arnason #22 18
The Lost Mother: A Story Told by the Divers   Eleanor Arnason #23 58
Origin Story   Eleanor Arnason #21 64
Patrick and Mr. Bear: A True Story   Eleanor Arnason #30 118
The Small Black Box of Morality   Eleanor Arnason #16 24
The Venetian Method   Eleanor Arnason #19 24
Title By Issue Page
Amnita and the Giant Stinginess   Eleanor Arnason #7 20
Clean House Poem   Eleanor Arnason #4 52
Colline's Coat   Eleanor Arnason #24 79
dragon poem   Eleanor Arnason #6 49
Mars Poem   Eleanor Arnason #4 52
On Seeing Bellini's Opera The Capulets and Montagues...   Eleanor Arnason #24 127
On Writing   Eleanor Arnason #1 21
Poem Wriiten After I Read an Article   Eleanor Arnason #4 21
Song from the Kalevala   Eleanor Arnason #24 23
There Was an Old Lady...   Eleanor Arnason #2 38
Interview with...
Title By Issue Page
An Interview with Eleanor Arnason Eric M. Heideman #1 23
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