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Hank Quesne:
(11/06/2008) Hank Quesne—assisted by his faithful mutt, Manny—writes science fiction and fantasy stories (along with an occasional fiction-writing article) from Bergenfield, New Jersey. All of these stories are humorous or satiric because he refuses to write serious genre stories. He feels that folks who crave serious fantasy and SF can get a full measure in any daily newspaper. In the spirit of disclosure, Hank reports that all of the story ideas (the good ones, anyway) come from Manny. Hank merely translates the dog's ideas into a manuscript. Hank can be reached via email at: Manny refuses to get an internet address until someone develops a paw-friendly keyboard. The pair of them have sold stories to Andromeda Spaceways, Cyberpulp, Fantastical Visions, Neo-Opsis, Afterburner SF, Faeries (France), Electric Spec, Scyweb Bem, Glassfinder, Darker Matter, and Flash Fiction Online, as well as several anthologies. Visit their website at
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