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Barbara Rosen:
(04/01/2010) Barbara Rosen lives in Brooklyn. She writes, "Peeper and John are real; John is the conductor of the Renaissance Street Singers, with whom I have the pleasure of singing alto, and Peeper is one of the many stray animals who have passed through my shelter in the last 40 years. John adopted Peeper when she was a tiny kitten I'd been bottle feeding because her mother had run out of milk. She was a cute, innocent little thing, but she did indeed turn into the kind of cat who responds to a hug with a nose-bite—and yes, John loves her anyway. They both posed for the illo. When I'm not singing, drawing, writing, and washing cages I'm out in one of my gardens—all on land that doesn't belong to me. I move into uncared for bits of land like an invasive weed and plant flowers."
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Escape   (Sample) Barbara Rosen #28 20
Peeper, Hunting   Barbara Rosen #30 70
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For "The Long Walk"   Barbara Rosen #26 9
For "Peeper, Hunting"   Barbara Rosen #30 71

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