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Charles Nodier:
(08/12/1988) Charles Nodier (1780-1844) was one of the leaders of the Romantic Movement in France, in the early nineteenth century. His soirees made his home in the Arsenal in Paris a center for such younger writers as Victor Hugo, in rebellion, like him, against the rigidity of "Classical" literary standards. Nodier's best work was in the field of fantasy. As he commented in the preface to his novel-length fantasy, La Fee aux miettes (The Crumb Fairy) , "After the pleasure of doing something you like, I've never known a pleasure as keen as that of hearing a fantastic story told, or telling one myself :' In addition to "The Dream of Gold," his shorter fantasies included a science fiction trilogy in four parts (sic) in the Swiftian vein, and "Trilby;" the story of a Scottish brownie. (The English writer George du Maurier borrowed the name for his French heroine, mesmerized by Svengali, in the novel Trilby.)
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