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Gene O'Neill:
(04/01/1990) Gene O'Neill lives in Napa, California. He writes, "I have two college degrees, neither having anything to do with writing. I've been a Marine, a teacher, a mailman, worked on seismic crews, been a R/W agent, and corporate VP I'm married, two children-both beginning college next year, yuk! My wife is a kindergarten teacher and artist. I've participated most of my life in some kind of sport. I've published some nonfiction, mostly to do with education. One piece in Arise about a muscular dystrophy boy won the Jerry Lewis MDA National Writing Award in 1981. I've published 30-plus short stories, most notably in Dragon; Fantasy Book; two each in Twilight Zone, Pulpsmith, and Fiction in France; and six in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF). Upcoming stories in Eldritch Tales and F&SF When my children are out of school I plan on writing full time, worrying about the money then."
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