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Russ Miller:
(04/01/1990) Russ Miller lives in Prescott, Arizona, teaching college part-time (drawing, film appreciation, and art history) and working as a freelance artist with a wide range of clients. He also draws for Gladstone Publishing's Walt Disney comic books, and did the illustrations for his wife Janice's recently published children's book, The Common Tale of Two Dragons.

Title By Issue Page
  Russ Miller #4 56
  Russ Miller #7 27
Title By Issue Page
  Russ Miller #5 Cover
Title By Issue Page
For "Flopsy Bunny Rabbits"   Russ Miller #4 3
For "An Interview with Larry Niven"   Russ Miller #4 27
For "An Interview with Larry Niven"   Russ Miller #4 29
For "Colin Folkwize Tells His Story"   Russ Miller #4 42
For "Mud On Their Boots"   Russ Miller #4 3
For "Out of the Woods: Clifford D. Simak and His Work"   Russ Miller #5 7
For "Courtesy"   Russ Miller #5 10
For "An Interview with John Sladek"   Russ Miller #5 35
For "Mathoms"   Russ Miller #6 3
For "Piñons"   Russ Miller #6 36
For "Expendables"   Russ Miller #7 14
For "Amnita and the Giant Stinginess"   Russ Miller #7 22
Visiting Your Tent   Russ Miller #7 56

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