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Wendy Rathbone:
(12/27/1994) Wendy Rathbone has had poetry published in many dozens of places from Asimov's to Dreams & Nightmares to San Diego Writer's Monthly to The Magazine of Speculative Poetry. She was recently named Best New Poet by the Small Press Writers and Artists' Association (SPWAO), and is assistant editor of the Science Fiction Poetry Association's newsletter, Star*Line. She has published two poetry chapbooks: Anything to Do With Dreams (Night Visions, 1992) and Moon Canoes (Dark Regions Press, 1994). She lives in the high desert of Southern California near Joshua Tree National Monument, where, she says, the beauty is mystical, magical, and alien.
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Title By Issue Page
Nosferatu Speaks to His Love Turned to Dust   Wendy Rathbone #12 36
Piper   Wendy Rathbone #14 19
To a Galactic Explorer   Wendy Rathbone #10 55
Wax on Sterling   Wendy Rathbone #8 42

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