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Judith Holman:
(12/27/1994) Judith Holman lives in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Her crisply - limned illustrations appear in numerous venues, including TOTU #s 12 and 13. In volumes issued under Paul Ganley's various imprints, to small-press staples such as Thin Ice, she has worked with an assortment of speculative fiction's notable editors, most recently with Tomorrow's Algis Budrys, whom she holds "in very high esteem."
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Title By Issue Page
For "Fog"   Judith Holman #12 19
For "Afternoon at Pop's"   Judith Holman #12 39
For "Cruel Stories"   Judith Holman #13 23
For "A Jury of Your Peers"   Judith Holman #13 45
For "Heartbreak"   Judith Holman #14 45

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