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G.L. Daum:
(12/27/1994) G.L. Daum lives in Kensington, Maryland, and teaches music and computer studies just outside Washington, D.C. He has also been a sound designer / composer for a number of theatrical productions in the Baltimore / Washington area. Around age 35 he decided that it was "now or never" and began plugging away at writing science fiction. His short stories and poetry have appeared in Nova Express; Ball Magazine; Best of the Midwest's SF/F/H volumes II and III; Gaslight; Gothic Light; and, most recently, Terminal Fright #6. By now he's probably put the finishing touches on a novel. "And After a While, There Came a Stillness..." is one of his more experimental works and he would like to thank Eric M. Heideman for suggestions and patience. (Shucks. T'weren't nothin'.) You can reach G.L. Daum through the Internet at: [coming...]
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And After a While, There Came a Stillness...   G.L. Daum #14 10

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