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Connie Hirsch:
(08/14/1995) Connie Hirsch lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. She fell into her current profession of computer programming by taking karate-her sensei recommended her for a job as a data-entry clerk at Lotus, back when one could progress up through the ranks. She attended Clarion West '91; has published stories in Science Fiction Age #3; Sinistre, an Anthology of Rituals; Grails: Visitations of the Night; and Space and Time #85; with stories forthcoming in 100 Vicious Little Vampires (Barnes & Noble); Enchanted Forests (Ace); Sorceries: Magicks Old and New (HarperPrism); and Fantastic Alice (DAW). Her Marvel Comics-related novel, Kid Dynamo, is available over the Internet and GEnie. Her proudest writing feats are getting paid to read comic books and, most recently, getting paid to interview Star Trek actors and producers. She is currently working on a quasi-Victorian dark fantasy novel, which if it were funny would be called Charles Dickens Never Mentioned Werewolves. She would like to go on record as not particularly liking the group America or any of their records, including the one from which the title of her TOTU story is taken"but it just fit too well, so there you have it."
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