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Nathan Walpow:
(08/08/1998) Nathan Walpow lives in Los Angeles, where he works at a smallish bank, gently chiding computer users for forgetting their passwords. "Sanitation Sends a Man" is his fourth contribution to TOTU, which he will always view affectionately since his first published fiction appeared in its pages. His work has also been seen in The Silver Web, Phantasm, and Random Realities. His first novel, The Cactus Club Killings, will be published by Dell in May of 1999. It begins a series of mysteries featuring a Los Angeles plant collector named Joe Portugal; the followup, a journey to the land of orchid enthusiasts, will be out in 2000. Nathan will be 50 years old when his first full-length fiction appears; so was Raymond Chandler. Read into this what you will.
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Getting By   Nathan Walpow #13 32
Giant Puppy   Nathan Walpow #16 63
Sanitation Sends a Man   Nathan Walpow #19 32
News Item
Title By Issue Page
Godzilla Dies   Nathan Walpow #14 Back Cover

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