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Augie Wiedemann:
(07/01/2006) Augie Wiedeman's recent work includes a lovely jacket for Wilum Pugmire's Sesqua Valley and Other Haunts. Personally (the art editor interjected) Augie is one of the kindest of humankind, never too occupied to call or write or send gifts of his work and others, he is astonishingly supportive, and astonishingly underrated, given both the quality of his art and his friendship. Welcome to the cover, Augie, and thank you.
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For "A Message to Stephen J. Gould at Christmas"   Augie Wiedemann #11 Back Cover
Shunned House   Augie Wiedemann #27 Back Cover
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Mama Roux   Augie Wiedemann #27 Cover
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For "City of Hearts Unshielded"   Augie Wiedemann #11 35
For "The Greatest Love Story of the Twenty-first Century"   Augie Wiedemann #14 21
For "Apostrophe to Nessie"   Augie Wiedemann #15 25
For "Cave Art"   Augie Wiedemann #15 34
For "Ne"   Augie Wiedemann #16 27
For "Everything in Its Place"   Augie Wiedemann #19 37
For "But Smile No More"   Augie Wiedemann #20 33
For "Euphonasia"   Augie Wiedemann #20 92

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