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Robert Subiaga, Jr.:
(08/07/1999) The estate of Robert Subiaga, Jr., wired us this: "(RITTERS NEWS SERVICE) MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA: ... and the word karma was scrawled over a wall of his apartment, in what forensic tests reveal to be the blood of a rutabaga. While all accounts are Subiaga never believed in 'karma' in the strict sense, his disappearance is even more unusual considering the recent publication of his short story, 'The Shrew That Ate Rush Limbaugh.' The story appears in the latest issue of the magazine Tales of the Unanticipated, which the FBI categorizes as the subversive publication of The New Union of Soviet Socialist Postal Workers. `The Shrew That Ate Rush Limbaugh' was written in 1983 when Subiaga was a senior at Irondale High School but more than 15 years of attempting to sell it were futile and it was not accepted until Subiaga himself became a teacher. Authorities refuse to comment on the suspicious nature of this coincidence. However, one unidentified student did speak at Odyssey School, where Subiaga taught until recently. When asked what she thought of Subiaga as a teacher, she remarked: `He was good ...(urp) a little tough though. Definitely half-baked."'
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Koan   Robert Subiaga, Jr. #16 56
The Shrew that Ate Rush Limbaugh   Robert Subiaga, Jr. #20 48

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