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Sandra Lindow:
(11/06/2008) Sandra Lindow lives on a hilltop in Menominee, Wisconsin, where she communes with perennials and goes barefoot three seasons of the year. She teaches part-time at U-W Stout. Touched by the Gods, her sixth collection of poetry, is in the publication process. She is in the unenviable (always a bridesmaid) position of having the most nominations for the Rhysling (15) without a win.
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Demolition Derby: Family Feud   Sandra Lindow #12 10
Title By Issue Page
On Joan Slonczewkski's The Children Star   Sandra Lindow #20 15
Title By Issue Page
A Psalm for Unsuccessful Siblings   Sandra Lindow #10 41
The A. I.'s Table Prayer   Sandra Lindow #29 57
Dinosaur Love   Sandra Lindow #12 25
Juno's Jazzercise   Sandra Lindow #26 63
A Matter of Light   Sandra Lindow #17 48
A Message to Stephen J. Gould at Christmas   Sandra Lindow #11 Back Cover
Warping the Fabric of Space   Sandra Lindow #14 56

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