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Mark W. Tiedemann:
(04/01/2002) The year Mark W. Tiedemann was born, the Dow Jones finally broke its previous high from 1929 by closing at 404, The Day the Earth Stood Still premiered, and Isaac Asimov published his Caves of Steel, all of which suggested a strange life. After that, events took a turn or three for the unexpected. He has been publishing science fiction and fantasy stories for a long while now, especially since graduating Clarion in 1988. His short story "Psyche" was included in the 12th annual Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds.), and in 2000, his first novel came out Mirage from ibooks, the first in the "Asimov's Robot Mystery" trilogy, which will conclude this spring with the release of Aurora. In 2001, the novel, Compass Reach appeared from Meisha Merlin, a novel that has been nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award, plus the novel Realtime, a stand-alone from ibooks. In May, the second volume of his Secantis Sequence will appear from Meisha Merlin Metal of Night. There are more novels to come, more stories, lots to do. Mark is consequently a happy writer, which is a Good Thing, since his companion Donna likes it when he's happy. He's been happy with her for 22 years now and intends to continue being so.
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Along an Ellipse of Tears   Mark W. Tiedemann #18 16
City of Hearts Unshielded   Mark W. Tiedemann #11 33
Flesh Trades   Mark W. Tiedemann #15 36
Necrosis   Mark W. Tiedemann #22 8
Soulscam   Mark W. Tiedemann #9 8
The Tree on Lethe's Bank   Mark W. Tiedemann #23 32
Waif   Mark W. Tiedemann #10 12

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