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Uncle River:
(07/16/2007) Uncle River lives in New Mexico. He has a story collection due out from PS Publishing in 2008, including work that first appeared in TOTU. PS also has scheduled a novella for winter 07/08: Camp Desolation and an Eschatology of Salt. "The Price of Peace," like "Miracle Green Adobe" in TOTU #24, belongs to the universe of River's epic novel, Ever Broten, forthcoming from Zamaya Publishing. Volume 1 is scheduled for 2008. Another related story, "Ginger Ear and Elephant Hair," is due out In Analog.
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Miracle Green Adobe   Uncle River #24 48
The Nature of Property   Uncle River #13 8
Piñons   Uncle River #6 35
The Price of Peace   (Sample) Uncle River #28 40
Requiem for an Information Age Worker   Uncle River #26 46
Title By Issue Page
Funding the BTV   Uncle River #15 63
Phoenix Barley   Uncle River #26 50

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