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Gerard Houarner:
(11/06/2008) Gerard Hourner, a New Yorker married at a New Orleans Voodoo temple, works by day at a psychiatric institution and writes, mostly at night, about the dark. So far, he's had four novels and 250 short stories published. His latest collection, The Oz Suite, is available in trade and hardcover from and com. For the latest news, pics, links, and such, visit
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Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Attack of the White People   Gerard Houarner #11 47
Captivity   (Sample) Gerard Houarner #26 30
Eight Dead Shrimp   (Sample) Gerard Houarner #24 98
On the Wind That Blows Hard From Below   (Sample) Gerard Houarner #29 100
Spider Goes to Market   Gerard Houarner #18 28

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