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John Grey:
(10/20/2005) John Grey, Australian-born poet, playwright, and musician, has been a U.S. resident since the late '70s. His latest book is What Else is There from Main Street Rag. His poetry has appeared in many issues of TOTU. Recent appearances include Agni, Drexel Online Review, and Arkansas Review, with work upcoming in South Carolina Review, Hubbub, and Sojurn.
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Title By Issue Page
The Ancient Astronaut   John Grey #14 18
The Boy in Me   John Grey #15 46
Discovering Pluto   John Grey #17 Back Cover
Echo from the Holodeck   John Grey #21 45
A Ghost on the Stair   John Grey #22 30
How to Behave in Bars Throughout the Galaxy   John Grey #26 98
In October, I Wonder Why I Even Bother to Take Prisoners   John Grey #23 118
My Father, Legendary Space-Man   John Grey #24 19
My Study of Neutrinos   John Grey #19 27
Windows 3995   John Grey #19 17

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