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Patricia Russo:
(04/01/2010) Patricia Russo lives in New Jersey and works in New York. When not on the bus or in the classroom, she is sitting on her ass in front of the computer. Her stories have appeared in many print and online publications, including Fantasy, Talebones, Electric Velocipede, Lone Star Stories, numerous issues of Not One of Us, and lots of TOTUs.
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Title By Issue Page
Redemption   (Sample) Patricia Russo #26 52
Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Away in Dinlo   Patricia Russo #12 53
The Children are to Blame   Patricia Russo #25 62
Flygirl   Patricia Russo #23 86
In Comes I   Patricia Russo #28 96
The Jaculi   Patricia Russo #29 112
La Lattaia   Patricia Russo #20 42
Le Sang des Fées   Patricia Russo #18 22
Mirror Images   Patricia Russo #10 28
Nowhere Far Enough   Patricia Russo #24 82
The Ogre's Wife   Patricia Russo #27 104
The Rat Story   Patricia Russo #22 108
Un Scandale de Chats   Patricia Russo #13 12
Shadows in the Tower   Patricia Russo #16 48
Sticky   (Sample) Patricia Russo #30 94
Wild Bunnies   Patricia Russo #19 64
Prose Poem
Title By Issue Page
Vengance   Patricia Russo #14 55

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