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William Mingin:
(04/01/2010) William Mingin has published roughly two dozen short stories and 300 reviews, essays, and articles. He currently reviews for Strange Horizons and Audiofile Magazine. He's a graduate of Clarion West SF Writing Workshop, is married, and runs a small book-export business in New Jersey.
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Title By Issue Page
Right There   (Sample) William Mingin #30 122
Short Story
Title By Issue Page
Crush   William Mingin #19 18
Greaves, This is Serious   William Mingin #23 94
Head for the Light! The Light!   William Mingin #25 80
I'm Dead! (He's Dead, He's Dead, He's Dead!)   William Mingin #26 44
It's Not What You Think   William Mingin #24 80
The Lady of the Lounge   (Sample) William Mingin #27 46
1001 Deaths (#1-5)   William Mingin #22 24
Which Leads to What Comes Next   William Mingin #28 114

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