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Kent Hansen:
(08/10/2004) Kent Hansen is currently working as a photographer/artistillustrator, and meditation instructor. His artwork has appeared at Minicon, MarsCon, Capricon, CONvergence, and Diversicon art shows and dealers' rooms. He will be acting once again for the third and final time as some kind of art show potentate for the Diversicon Art Show, through no fault of his own. This is his fifth TOTU appearance. He is currently working on his website, and posting new works of art and poetry on a daily basis. His homepage url is He lives in Chaska, Minnesota. He is now the # 1 Kent Hansen hit on Google.
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Title By Issue Page
For "The Touch of Plastic"   Kent Hansen #21 61
For "Ocean Shadows"   Kent Hansen #21 77
For "Hunter"   Kent Hansen #23 25
For "Six Gun and the Aliens"   Kent Hansen #23 71
For "Greaves, This is Serious"   Kent Hansen #23 95
For "The Orange Table in the Corner"   Kent Hansen #23 99
For "Negative Event at Wardel Station, Planet Arriga"   Kent Hansen #24 9
For "Unite and Conquer"   Kent Hansen #24 25
For "Midnight's Fire"   Kent Hansen #24 39
For "Miracle Green Adobe"   Kent Hansen #24 49
For "Virgin Grass"   Kent Hansen #24 95
For "Eight Dead Shrimp"   Kent Hansen #24 99
For "Riders"   Kent Hansen #25 33
For "Pattern Masters"   Kent Hansen #25 55
For "Getting Free"   Kent Hansen #25 75
For "Meeting Mother"   Kent Hansen #25 117
For "The Long Walk"   Kent Hansen #26 15
For "I'm Dead! (He's Dead, He's Dead, He's Dead!)"   Kent Hansen #26 45
For "Hair Group for Everyone"   Kent Hansen #26 131
Spot Illo
Title By Issue Page
  Kent Hansen #25 127

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