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Beth Hansen:
(08/10/2004) Beth Hansen is a Twin Cities painter and illustrator. She began drawing images of fantasy in her teens, continuing to draw and paint as a serious hobby. In 2000 she studied Flemish/Dutch oil painting techniques in still life and portraiture, which helped fine-tune her skills as a painter. Her paintings blend realism with faery lore and mythology. Her work has been featured in Seventh House Publishing's Seasons of the Witch calendar in 2003 and 2004, and in several issues of TOTU, including the cover illustration for #18, our "Myths, Legends, and Folk Tales" issue. Visit her at
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  Beth Hansen
Eric M. Heideman
#17 59
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  Beth Hansen #18 Cover
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For "The Ecstasy Array"   Beth Hansen #17 47
For "Coyote's Last Adventure"   Beth Hansen #18 45
For "The Venetian Method"   Beth Hansen #19 25
For "Keys to the Kingdom (or, Pauli's Exclusion Principle)"   Beth Hansen #19 61
For "Twelve Nights in the Harem"   Beth Hansen #20 71
For "The Return of Dr. Schlock"   Beth Hansen #21 95
For "Dark Drug"   Beth Hansen #25 51
For "Head for the Light! The Light!"   Beth Hansen #25 81
For "The Job"   Beth Hansen #25 97
For "The Story of Winnie-the-Poe"   Beth Hansen #25 93

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