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TOTU Issue #25 : Strange Romance Issue

High Quality Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror • Fiction, Poetry, and Artwork

Includes fiction by Martha A. Hood, Stephen Dedman, Patricia S. Bowne, Patricia Russo, Judy Klass, William Mingin, Manfred Gabriel, Will Ludwigsen and Matthew Warner, Michelle Scott, S.C. Lofton, Jeff Carlson, Robert H. Beer, Sarah Monette, William Laughlin, Whitt Pond, Alfie Rue, Richard Bowes and Ezra Pines, Lee Battersby, Anna Waltz, and S.N. Arly; and poetry by John Calvin Rezmerski, Martha A. Hood, Mike Allen, Mario Milosevic, Terry A. Garey, John S. Olsen, Ann K. Schwader, and Ruth Berman.

Cover Price: 8.50 ISBN: 0-9760146-0-2 
Pages: 136 Size: 7.5 inches x 9.75 inches Weight: 12 ounces

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